Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey hey family and friends!! 
This week was SOO crazy!! 
So I have realized that sometimes on our missions people think we are marriage councilors. Oh boy was that fun trying to talk to (name with held). I really feel bad for them. But they aren't doing anything to fix the situation, they have stopped reading the Book of Mormon, they have stopped praying, and they aren't coming to church. It's really sad to see them not progress. Hopefully we can help them but they need to be willing to do their part as well.
Tuesday night we got back to our apartment and we kneel to pray before we start planning and I look up and there is a GIANT Cockroach on our wall. I SCREAMED!!! It was so scary!!! we tried to kill it but as we would get close to it, it WOULD FLY!! yes, they fly!!! Scariest thing of my life.... So what did we do?? We called the Elders to come and kill it! :) How do you think they killed it? Well of course by torching it with fire. I didn't mind as long as it was DEAD. I am happy.....Texas and its Giant bugs!!!
So this week we did TONS of service! Painting and building a house... not big deal! it was really nice to get out of my dress and work hard :) yes I got my hands dirty.. but this doesn't mean I will pull weeds! (so mom don't get any crazy ideas)
Friday night we had a lesson with Valentine after the lesson we were all chatting and talking. I got a really strong impression to share a quote by Elder Holland with Christina. She loved it and told me to write it down. Well the next day she calls me like screaming and said she put that quote on facebook and a man has been talking to her about the gospel. (she is all about missionary work right now) anyways she told us she shared the Plan of Salvation with him and he wants to learn more. So I ask her were he lives and we can send the missionaries in his area the referral.. she said, Accra GHANA!!!!!!! I about died. She got all his information phone # and all that and he wants to meet missionaries. So umm... Huntie I have got a Referral for you! :) Crazy how the Lord works.....hopefully we can send it into the referral hot line and they can find out who his missionaries are. Christina was so excited to find someone and teach them about the church. I'm pretty sure this could be an Ensign story....... you know, siblings working together to baptize the world!!! haha.... no but It was a really cool miracle for me and Christina. 

Saturday afternoon we went to hunt down one of our less actives.. He is 17 and doesn't really like us.....he  lies to us all the time about his age.. and says he can't understand us.. umm,I'm sorry I have only been speaking Spanish for 6 months, but everyone else can understand me!!! Oh and he said he doesn't know English.... but always texts us in English?? Teenage boys...ugh! 
Well we know if his bike is home, he is home! So Saturday we knocked for like 15 minutes because his bike was answer..... so I got a brilliant idea to steal his bike.....I mean we do have a bike rack on the back of our car!! :) But then I was like.... ummm probably not a good idea!!! So instead I got lots of cards and Jesus Cards and tapped them all over his bike and on the back I wrote CALL US!! Well it's Monday and still no call... maybe he is very sick or umm on vacation??? :) 
You don't answer your door for the Hermana's??? Take that!

We NEVER give up!

Saturday night we had a ward activity La Noche De Hispanidad. Hispanics know how to party that for sure!! Dang! We had so much fun! Lots of our investigators came and had a blast as well. We were celebrating all the Latino countries so everyone brought food from their country. Lots of people did cultural dances and all that fun stuff! 

Our Bishop's little girl
It has been a crazy but awesome week!! I can't even believe how fast it's going. I'm in love with my area and all the people I get to serve! Our ward is SO awesome!!  Shout out to Paola Casco!! She got her braces off! She is one of the Young Women in my ward! SUPER amazing girl! She has got so much going for her!! I can't wait until she serves a mission in Utah! so I can take care of her just like her family takes care of me! Her sister in law Naysel is From SPANISH FORK!! so she is my little piece of home! I totally love this family!!  
Check out that smile!!! She got her braces off.....I LOVE this girl!! My friend Paola!
Well have a GREAT WEEKKKKKKKK!!! GOOOOO BBBBBYYYYUUUUU!!!!  ALL my family and friends better cheer loud Saturday for me!
Thanks for all your support and love! 
Les Quiero Mucho! 
Texas Forever! 
Hermana Crandall 

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